Banfield Pet Hospital (Sizzle 02)

Excerpts from a sizzle for an amazing pet hospital and collective.

Client: Conscious Minds
Producer: Julia Torchine
Motion: Anna Cangellaris
Editing: Anna Cangellaris

Banfield Pet Hospital (Sizzle 01)

Excerpts from a sizzle for an app launch  

Client: Conscious Minds
Producer: Suzanne Kleine
Motion: Anna Cangellaris
Editing: Anna Cangellaris

ADOBE “Wellness” Commerical

Motion design for Adobe Wellness program, explaining the easy and effective ways in which Adobe employees can focus on their mental health and support their wellbeing.

Client: Cogs & Marvel, SF.

Designer: Alexander Gebelin
Producer: Vicky Fairhurst

Motion/Animation: Anna Cangellaris

Ocado Group

Motion design for Ocado Group’s next-gen services for the online grocery industry

Client: Cogs & Marvel, SF.
Producer: Vicky Fairhurst
Motion: Anna Cangellaris


A series of GIFS for Planet Eye’s social media showcasing their most iconic eyewear styles.

The essence of each style is reflected with sleek, dynamic motion.

︎ anna.cangellaris@gmailcom
︎Pasadena, CA

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